Will CBD make me drowsy and relaxed?


In general, taking a daily dose of CBD Oil will not make you drowsy but may create a gentle relaxed feeling. This is the reason why many people who need to relax use CBD Oil.

Large doses of CBD Oil may create some drowsiness and may encourage relaxation but generally will not impair your ability to work or drive or anything else. Some people may experience slight dizziness in which case we suggest reducing the dosage until you notice less drowsiness.

As little as 2mg of CBD Oil daily can be beneficial for many conditions. Whether CBD causes drowsiness depends on individuals tolerance to CBD & the illness in question. Always start small in your dose until you feel that it is making a difference and, at the same time, not affecting you adversely. Some people may feel mildly drowsy and in very rare cases some light dizziness. If this happens just reduce your dose.