[cs_mg_testimonials_element type=”mg-grid” layout=”mg-style1″ background=”hsl(125, 78%, 32%)” contcolor=”hsl(0, 0%, 98%)” identitycolor=”hsl(125, 78%, 32%)” columns=”mg-one-col” autoplay=”true” autoplay_time=”3″ nav_button=”true” slider_dots=”true”][cs_mg_testimonials_element_item heading=”Peta” amount=”0″ icon=”adjust” link_link_title=”solid”]I started taking 1 capsule with breakfast on November 1 (2017). I am having great success with it. When I started taking CBD caps in last year it had impact on 4 areas of my health: pain/mobility, sleep, digestion and mood. Your product is helping me similarly.[/cs_mg_testimonials_element_item][cs_mg_testimonials_element_item heading=”Debbie” amount=”0″ icon=”adjust” link_link_title=”solid”]..I’ve had three nights of solid sleep – no waking up and constantly tossing and turning and I have been able to stay in bed because I’m not sore.. and I’m not stiff when I do get up.. huge… massive changes. I’m also more motivated probably because I’m more rested. Thank you for your gentle persistence. I’m so grateful[/cs_mg_testimonials_element_item][cs_mg_testimonials_element_item heading=”Allona” amount=”0″ icon=”adjust” link_link_title=”solid”]

Friday while feeling emotionally stressed I felt my back pop. By Friday night I was struggling to walk, on Saturday I could barely move to the toilet because of the intense pain. My Chiro treated me and gave me the diagnoses of L5 potential slipped disk. Still in intense pain even after the Chiro treatment, arnica, high doses of turmeric, and ice therapy. I was getting depressed, angry and doing the usual Why Me? Why Now? and feeling a little hopeless. Then I remembered my CBD!! I took 4 drops – 5 minutes later my mood had gone from depressed to determination, so I showered, dressed and did my hair, the pain had gone from a 10 to a 6 …. yes 5 minutes! After 2 days of excruciating back pain I was able to move slowly and carefully and today can move, pick up slowly. I am on the mend!

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Since July 2017 I have been suffering from some rare auto immune conditions. These have culminated in three different hospital stays, numerous test and scans. My treatment regime is a high dose Prednisone daily. My condition causes headaches and a sensation of a three dimensional mass in my side equating to the size of 1 1/2 golf balls. It is not a physical mass but that is the best way to describe the sensation. I undertook extensive research into each of my conditions (symptoms). From papers, and putting aside the “autoimmune” factor, each of my conditions showed they might respond favourably to CBD. I contacted Realm of Caring who agreed that there had been reports of CBD helping people with some of my conditions. Good Earth Global advised me similarly. In December I started on 50mg/day CBD Oil . I continued my Prednisone and so took the CBD at the opposite end of the day. Within 24 hours of taking CBD I was headache free! Within 72 hours the “mass” sensation had reduced to a third! Now several weeks into the continued treatment I have finally been able to get down to 20mg/day Prednisone. The mass sensation is now mostly something less three dimensional feeling at around the size of a 5c coin and “flat” and periodically is gone completely. It does at some point come back but it substantially less uncomfortable than before.