Qenda Ultimate Psyllium

  •   Premium Blonde – Ultra Fine
  •   Your Premium Source of Organic Dietary Fibre
  •   Dietary Fibre Assists Regular Bowel Movements
  •   Batch Tested for Purity
  •   100% Certified Organic Ingredients
  •   NON-GMO Ingredients
  •   VEGAN
  •   Gluten Free
  •   No Preservatives
  •   No Colours
  •   No Sweeteners
  •   No Additives of Any Kind



    Use 1 tablespoon once or twice daily in water, juice or food.
    If drinking with water, add 1 tablespoon of Ultimate Psyllium to 350ml of water in a shaker bottle. Secure lid and shake vigorously for 15 seconds.
    Drink immediately. If left for a short period after shaking product will thicken.

Certified Organic Ingredients

Psyllium Husk (Ultra Fine).

Qenda’s Core Principles

Qenda never uses any artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners or preservatives in their powdered products. Qenda’s ingredients are always organic, vegan, non-gmo and gluten free.

Qenda batch tests it’s ingredients and products for safety and to ensure purity from herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and heavy metals. All Qenda products are also free from pathogenic moulds, yeasts, funguses and unwanted bacteria. All Qenda products are manufactured in a clean, chemical free, HACCP certified facility to the highest quality and standards.