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With both calming and uplifting abilities, Bergamot can dissipate anxious feelings while simultaneously providing cleansing and purifying benefits. Use it as your personal perfume applying it to your wrists.

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Italians have used Bergamot for years to reduce feelings of stress and to soothe and rejuvenate skin. In Greece, the unripe fruits are used as sweetmeats, eaten by the spoonful as a dessert or with coffee. Bergamot is unique among citrus oils due to its ability to be both uplifting and calming, making it ideal to help with anxious and sad feelings. It is also purifying and cleansing for the skin while having a calming effect. Bergamot is the most delicate of the citrus plants, requiring special climate and soil in order to thrive. Bergemot is used Earl Grey tea and commonly included in perfumes. Use it for your own personal perfume each day.