Our Journey

We have been working in the wellness space since 2004 and have had a strong personal interest in natural health for many more years before that. During that time we have researched a great number of alternatives to allopathic and 'traditional' medicine. We have dealt with number of personal health challenges ourselves by using ways we have found and have listened to many people, both practitioners and patients, who have done their own due diligence and study. We can say with confidence that the protocols and lifestyle changes we suggest and products we recommend or sell are very effective in dealing with most health challenges, maintaining good health and improving quality of life because they are a part of our own daily lives.

Our Customers

For the most part, our customers are people with health challenges. They have all benefited from the use of the natural and plant-based products that we have chosen to recommend and sell. We urge everyone to please seriously consider adding these products and protocols to your daily regime.

We focus on a highly personal level of customer service that we hope will deliver as much unbiased and useful information as possible to help to our customers to help them on their journey toward better natural health. Most of our work time is spent answering emails and messages from customers asking for information on our products, their usage, and dosages. We also add to the mix our recommendations, ideas, and suggestions on how to maximize the positive outcomes they seek for their health and that of their loved ones (including pets).

Our Preferences

Although we have our own preferences we also know there is no magic bullet for better health, so we recommend a holistic approach that should incorporate a number of disciplines and protocols. There are many ways to good health and staying well originating from a multitude of cultures, systems, and geographies. We hope that our policy of keeping an open, inquiring, and questioning mind will allow us to help our customers in the best ways we can.

In particular, we have enormous personal and professional confidence in our Good Earth brand of CBD Oil, ASEA Redox products, & doTERRA Essential Oils. All of these products have been proven to reduce inflammation and increase the body's immune response to disease. We now know that ASEA can contribute to increasing the uptake and efficacy of CBD by up to 800% and that the use of essential oils compliments the activity and reception of CBD oil.

ASEA Redox Molecules

The ASEA Redox supplement greatly increases the body's endogenous supply of Glutathione - by as much as 500%. Glutathione is the body's own naturally produced anti-inflammatory. ASEA improves cell communication and massively boosts immune response. At the time of writing (November 2019) we ourselves have been using the ASEA products for over 4.5 years to treat personal health challenges. If you would like to know more about our personal health issues and how ASEA has improved our lives email us directly. We still get some minor ailments but have not really had what you would call a proper 'sick day' since sometime back in 2016. The ASEA products we sell are a drink supplement and a gel (RENU 28) both containing Redox Signalling Molecules that are created using a patented electrochemical process. The number of positive testimonials from people using ASEA around the world has grown to the point where no doubt remains as to to the efficacy of these products when used both internally and topically.  Read more and see some videos here >>.

doTERRA Essential Oils

In recent times we have discovered the power of essential oils. Like many other ancient plant-based and natural healing knowledge, the power of essential oils has been repressed, trivialized and even demonized. Science is proving the amazing efficacy of essential oils in health - something that many people have known for thousands of years through instinct, application, and observation. We now know that therapeutic compounds in essential oils bond with proteins on the outside of cells and some can even pass through the cell wall to do their ‘magic’ on different body systems. After a deal of research and questioning, we chose to run with the doTERRA brand of essential oils. Essential oils are proving over and again to be effective in dealing with many health challenges and more are being discovered every day.  To find out more about the power of essential oils and why we chose the doTERRA range, in particular, read more here >>.

Protocols and suggestions

Daily life, ours included, can be stressful and unavoidably toxic so we have explored and continue to research ways to help us stay well and happy. Most of what we do ourselves and suggest is based on personal experience, common sense, or acquired knowledge. Unfortunately, knowledge can be hard to uncover beneath the veil of deception and control of large corporations; common sense can so often be quashed by the application of fear and coercion. We often say to people that you can't un-know what you know and at least once you know it you can act accordingly.  In our own journey towards better health and quality of life we have discovered things that are deeply unsettling and have made us question the validity of what we have been told to believe.

We have adopted and recommend a number of ‘lifestyle’ changes that we know have made big differences in our lives and will do the same for you. Some of these about additions to your life, some are about avoidance and reduction, some are simply cautionary, but all are evidence-based. We share these ideas and protocols freely and you can judge for yourself if they fit your own life. We work and collaborate on detailed protocols for particular ailments and also suggest ways to clean up the home and workplace. We look forward to sharing more of these into the future.

Believe It or Not...

Many currently held apparent ‘truths' are actually only so because they are based on the acceptance or belief in an original falsehood. Sometimes a marketing slogan can have the same effect - "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day" was invented in the 19th century by Seventh Day Adventists James Caleb Jackson and John Harvey Kellogg to sell their newly invented breakfast cereal - corn flakes - the consumption of which they fervently believed would reduce immoral behaviors! People say the slogan today without knowing its origin but still fully believing it.

Edward L. Bernays (nephew of Sigmund Freud) is the acknowledged father of modern public relations / propaganda / spin. He effectively used psychology to cause changes in public opinion in boosting the popularity and thereby the profits of large corporations in the 1920s.  The rest, as they say, is history - Bernays' legacy is alive and well today on TV screens, in magazines, on billboards, in movies, and marketing media around the world including the world wide web.

These are just a couple of examples of how the truth can be manipulated in such a way so as to have us believe, support, and even fight for the lie and belittle anyone that suggests otherwise. We often site the history of Cannabis / Hemp and the long road back to general acceptance. The same can be said of the pro-choice versus mandatory vaccination debate that rages around the so-called developed world. Most of the data supplied by vested interests that favor of forced multiple vaccinations are at best flawed at worst false.

If the core of a belief system originates and is established upon a false truth or outright lie (such as the efficacy of the smallpox vaccine - yes do your research on this one!), then this untruth will go on to form the basis and foundation of all future additions to this belief system. Every other new ‘fact’ layered upon this will be flawed just as was the original fact or premise. The betrayal and physical damage to a public forced to comply with governments and vested interests in the delivery of misguided solutions can be horrific and uncomprehendingly vast as history has demonstrated. The history of smallpox ‘vaccine’, and other vaccine assumptions, is a good example of how badly things can go when good intentions are based on bad science and invented or misconstrued statistics.

We think that language and vocabulary can be weapons on both sides of any argument, particularly when it relates to highly emotional issues such as wellness, healthcare, and treatment. Language and specialist terminologies in the last two hundred years have been used by the powers that be to suppress and distort the truth or distract us from really understanding the 'modern' medical paradigm. With the internet now being available to most people across the planet the days of only the elite having access to information and understanding of 'complex matters' are gone.

When we refer to allopathic and drug / pharmaceutical responses to illness we use words like 'traditional medicine’ which treats symptoms and does not aim to cure since there is no profit in healthy people. When we talk about the ancient, rediscovered, and natural remedies and therapies or new discoveries (particularly those that cannot be patented and therefore owned by big pharma) we refer to these as ‘modern' or 'new' medicine. When we speak about cannabis we make a point of not referring to it as marijuana - a derogatory, racist term if ever there was one. A word invented by the US government in the 1930s expressly to demonize the sacred plant - a campaign sponsored, encouraged and promoted by industries that were threatened by the possibilities that hemp offered and still are to this day - oil, petrochemical, timber, steel, textiles, and others.  At the same time, accusations and lies about the evil effects of the 'demon weed' were aimed particularly at Black and Hispanic Americans and in particular Mexican immigrants to promulgate fear and increase racial division.

We don’t believe much of what we read, hear, or see these days and neither should anyone including you. When something new comes across our desk we always seek other opinions and viewpoints for balance. We look for real science and also follow the money We suggest you do the same - do your own research with an open mind and healthy regard for who is sharing the information with you and what their motivation might be. Big pharma has a seemingly endless budget and can easily employ vast numbers of people to go about debunking, trivializing, ridiculing, demonizing, and putting down anything that might challenge the status quo.

What We Want..

Most of the best information that has come to us over the years has been given freely with nothing but love and good intentions and we now share it with the same goodwill. We want to create and share a healthy world for ours and your children where personal empowerment supersedes the interests of profit and breaks through the illusion of marketing - a world where we can all share a natural, meaningful journey in better health and quality of life. We hope you will join us in this.

With love,
The Good Earth crew