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17 Oct 2017 – Successfully shipped CBD Oil (Cannabidiol) to NZ customers

 A quick update on the shipping CBD Oil to New Zealand story

With some help from us and our fabulous shippers, some brave kiwis have tested our shipping process from the USA and the first shipments of (low THC) Hemp CBD Oil have arrived in NZ.

Upon arrival in NZ the parcels were opened and checked by Customs, the products and our (carefully included) support documents were inspected and the shipments then allowed through to be delivered to our customers. 🌞 

We cannot guarantee that all shipments will get through since the response by Customs could, to some extent, depend on who is on duty when your parcel goes through. We think this bodes well though and encourage you to continue to test the system. 

We will ensure that all orders into New Zealand are accompanied by all the support documents that helped these initial shipments get through.